Modern Chandeliers v/s Traditional Chandeliers



People are using chandeliers for centuries for lighting. Chandeliers are like status symbol from many years. Mostly people are using them in bigger rooms or lobbies so we can say that chandeliers are visible only in bigger homes, in Palaces or mostly in Hotels. But today everything is just changed about lighting and people are using them in small houses also because there are many compact and beautiful chandeliers are available in the market. Let just first do the comparison between them to understand more about them.

Traditional chandeliers

When we think about chandeliers and past time the first thing that we think about is Royal Palaces and royalty. The view that we think first is a king is sitting with his knights and in that room a beautiful chandeliers is hanging. Chandeliers are also used in bigger hall and also in visible in many Hotels. They were very big in sizes so as I said earlier they were used only in bigger rooms or lobbies. They were very expensive and most people can’t afford them. So that’s why chandeliers are symbol of wealth and royalty.


Modern Chandeliers

Today chandeliers are not as costly as they were in few years back and also they are compact and small in size so now people can use them in every room. In past if you want to use chandelier then you have to need two things first that are a bigger room and lots and lots of money, so most people can’t afford them. But now Modern chandeliers are small in sizes and also very cheap so everyone can afford them.


                        This small comparison helps you to understand difference between them. Chandeliers give your home a royal look and also enhance your house complete design.  Here is a tip: you can decorate each and every room with a theme and choose chandeliers according to your theme. This idea will help you to make your home dream home as it helped me. You can take my example I bought a house last year and decorate it for next 6 month. I was not get what I was expecting. I paid thousand dollars on lighting colors and on furniture. But still there is something that seems missing. I discussed this thing with many interior designers and their suggestions were used useless. Then one day I received a call from my fried. He told me that he owned a house and he invited me to see it. He was living in California. So I go there and what I saw is speechless. It is just a small house but he done some miracles with lighting. The house is awesome and when I am coming back to my home I have an Idea that is going to change my home complete look. I redecorated my home. I just bought bunch of chandeliers and recolor my rooms according there them and Now I have my dream home. You can buy modern chandeliers from this site. Everything is just as I expected. So if you wanted to decorate your home please check this Idea and don’t waste your time and money on home or interior designers. I am not saying they are not capable or qualified but the thing is you are the one who is going to live there for your entire life not they are. So choose things that you like because only thing that matters is your happiness. So stay happy. Hope this article helps. Thanks for reading.

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